130th birthday
12 October 1996
The day before the anniversary of Groddeck's 130th birthday, the exhibition "Georg Groddeck - Leben und Werk" was opened under the patronage of the City of Baden-Baden, with exhibits from his estate.
Baden-Baden, Alte Dampfbad
Visitors to the venue, the Alte Dampfbad, had the unique opportunity of viewing parts of that estate: manuscripts, first editions, photographs and articles from the Marienhöher days on show in display cases alongside letters and tied-up bundles of papers.
Georg Groddeck, letters
A delight for those who can read old German handwriting. Covetous gazes at the Groddeck-Freud correspondence. Nods of disapproval at the original the piece of cardboard so small, the hair so fine, and the tiny knee hollows! Astonishment at the skills of Gertrud Stamm-Hagemann.
long table at which Groddeck used to hold his wednesday lectures
The long table at which Groddeck used to hold his Wednesday lectures was set for a solid meal for the visitors who remained on till evening.
13. Oktober 1996 – Groddecks 130. Geburtstag
In the morning Otto Jägersberg opened the second exhibition entitled "Satanarium". Music on the IT themes from a CD by the Japanese rock band Mr. Children. The visitors were requested to act in keeping with the motto of the in-house journal Satanarium: "Whoever among you has never felt like saying or doing something incredible in the middle of some large and very solemn event: let him step forward."
Many stepped forward, and many availed themselves of the opportunity. At midday, the ascent to Bühlerhöhe began.
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